Financial Services:

Welcome to Bay Financial, a company proudly serving the Baltimore community for 20 years. Dedicated to helping working families navigate the rocky waters of an increasingly difficult financial world.

Our cash advances and check cashing save our customers time and money. Our store location (right at the beltway) and great store hours make it convenient.

Bay Financial provides many financial services including check cashing, cash advances, money orders, and bill payment.

In addition – Mailbox Rental, Fax and Photocopy services, and more.

Check Cashing

We cash all kinds of checks: Payroll, Government, Insurance, 401k/Investment, tax refunds, Attorney checks. We cash them all, and at very low rates, too.

Cash Advance/Post-Dated Check

Customers use cash advances for a whole host of reasons. Maybe it’s for an unexpected expense such as a car repair, or more commonly-avoiding costly bounced checks, and late charges on credit cards or bill payments. The application process is fast (usually within 30 minutes), and you walk out the door with cash same day, it’s that simple.

Money Orders

Bay Financial money orders are free for members, and membership is free, too . For non- members the cost is $1.50 up to $500.00 Western Union is the money order of choice.

Bill Payments

Bay Financial contracts with Fidelity Express. Bill payments cost as little as a $1.50, and Verizon is online and posts same day. Non-Verizon landline bill payments posts within 2 business days.


$24.99 for 3 months, $49.99 for 6 months, $99.99 for 1 year (It comes out to a low cost of $8.33 per month. $4.99 deposit for mailbox)

Fax/Printing Services

Bay Financial is here to help provide a variety of faxing and printing services