Bay Financial Check Cashing

We cash checks by appointment if you choose.  Privacy matters, no worrying about customers looking over your shoulder.  Just call ahead.

New Customers, please see coupon offer at bottom of this page.

Attention: Bay Financial absolutely will not cash a check that is already signed/endorsed on the back.

Check Cashing:

Does your bank ever put an unnecessary “hold” on a perfectly good check?  For a nominal fee you can cash your check at 
Bay Financial, and get all your money same day.

Bank branches no longer carry a lot of cash. Unfortunately, it’s true, banks got out of the check cashing business a long time ago.  Instead of keeping ample reserves on hand, banks invest account holders money in the stock market.  Bottom line, banks look out for banks, so much for good customer service!  Bay Financial always has ample reserves available, just call ahead.

For larger check transactions: Counting money with people looking over your shoulder can be a “high anxiety” affair.  Whether it’s a bank, or with Bay Financial, it can be an unpleasant experience.  To make our customers more comfortable we offer the convenience of cashing “by appointment”, privacy matters.  Bay Financial will do whatever it takes to make the customer feel comfortable.  No worries ever, just call ahead, and we’ll ensure your privacy.

We cash all types of checks: 

All checks cashed between 2%-4% excluding personal checks, please call store for individual rate.

  • Payroll
  • Government
  • Insurance
  • Income tax refunds (Gov’t: IRS, State of Md, etc.)
  • 401k and annuities
  • Tax refund/Loan checks (H&R Block, Liberty Tax, etc.)
  • Cashiers checks
  • Attorney checks
  • Investment checks
  • Money orders.

Check Cashing Coupon

Please bring in or show this coupon on your next visit.

For our check cashing customer, every ten times you cash with Bay Financial, the 11th check gets cashed free(applies to payroll checks only up to $600.00)

For employees working in the Belair Beltway Plaza (the center Bay Financial resides in) payroll checks get the 1.5% VIP rate.

Valid state driver’s license, state issued identification card, or passport.

*Certain types of checks may require documentation (example: check stub for payroll check, claim documentation for an insurance check, etc.)

Already signed/pre endorsed checks: Bay Financial requires the customer to sign at the window in front of the teller, this for your own protection. So if for some reason we are unable to help you, by not signing the check, you have options (perhaps you may want to try another check casher).  To many stories usually involving banks where the check is declined, you already signed the check, and now have nowhere to turn.