Cash Advance Post-Dated Check

Cash Advance/Post Dated Check:

Doing a cash advance is fast and simple.  Just come in the store and fill out an application, you are usually approved in 30 minutes or less.

If you’re not in a hurry, just click on the “Pre-Qualify Form” below, answer a few questions and we’ll get back to you shortly.



Customers use cash advances for a whole host of reasons.  Maybe it’s for an unexpected expense such as a household appliance repair, or car repair.  More commonly-avoiding costly bounced checks, and late charges on credit cards or bill payment.

This is how it works: Bay Financial cashes your personal check (fee is 10%), and you receive your cash in the store.  We then deposit your check pre-determined date (most likely your direct deposit date) no more than two weeks from the date you write your check.  It’s fast and simple.  Advances can be done as often as you like.  Limit is $400 for first time customers, and up to $600 maximum for established customers.

What You Need


  • Employment with your company for at least 4 months or longer. Social Security and/or Pension recipients, please provide award letter.
  • Direct deposit into a checking account with a minimum amount of at least $500.00. For SS/Pension recipients please call store for direct deposit requirements.
  • Personal Check-You must have a personal check in order to do a cash advance with Bay Financial.  If you don’t, no worries, we can provide one for you for a small fee.  But first, you must contact Bay Financial, there are specific instructions you need from us to print a personal check.
  • Last two most recent pay stubs (must show direct deposit)
  • Last 60 days of checking account history, up to the date you apply, with running balance. You can do this online or get from your bank. Should you go to your bank, ask for transaction history of your account (your debits & credits). Statements don’t work in that there is a cut-off date.
  • Utility bill (proof of residence). Can be the following: Phone, BGE, Cable, or Water. Does not have to be in your name, can be in your roommate’s name.
  • Valid state driver’s license, state identification card or passport. *pending approval you’ll need a personal check.

If you have specific questions, just give us a call, our staff is eager to help.  And if you get our company voice mail, that just means we’re busy waiting on customers.  We’ll get right back to you asap.

 *For first time customers, please be sure to be in the store no later than one hour before close to ensure same day approval.

You walk out of Bay Financial same day with cash (usually within 30 minutes). It’s that easy! 

*If your direct deposit goes on to a card, you are not eligible to do a post-dated check/cash advance. Sorry.